Increase Transparency

The City does not post all Council and Commission documents online prior to public meetings. All City bodies should post available meeting materials online one week prior to public meetings so that the public may make informed comments. Other City bodies besides the City Council should be broadcast and streamed online.

Plow Our Roads

The City's current snow removal policy is to only begin plowing the roads when 6 inches have already fallen. This includes the entire City, even arterial routes necessary for public safety. The Snow Removal Policy should be updated to plow the roads when 4 inches have fallen, and arterial and public safety routes when 2 inches have fallen.

Improve the Streets

La Grande streets are in need of repair, and the quality of our roads only decreases when snow and ice fill them. A better snow plow removal policy will serve as preventative maintenance. Additional funding should be researched to repair existing road damages, with a public list online about the long-term planning schedule for repair. The City should also expand streetscaping throughout the community to add additional lighting, benches, and trash cans.

Support Business

The Hub of Northeast Oregon should be the best town in the region to do business. The City should convene a Businesses Advisory Commission with representatives from business and labor to reexamine all existing policy policies that may inhibit commerce. Within a year, this Commission should submit a list of City policies that can be repealed or modified to make La Grande the best town in Oregon to do business.

Develop the economy

La Grande and other rural communities have struggled since the collapse of the timber industry. Our community can provide a premiere living destination for the next generation of 21st Century tech jobs, including programming, web development, network management, and other remote jobs enabled by the Internet. The City needs to promote expanded access to broadband, and improve quality of life with improved winter weather management, infrastructure, and family support.

Treat Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a crisis in our community, and the City must treat it like a public health issue while fighting against the criminal trafficking of illegal substances. The City should promote the availability of drug abuse treatment options to aid in the recovery process for addicts. LGPD needs a strong mandate from the Council to combat drug trafficking.

Protect Private Property

Responsible property owners should easily be able to make improvements to their homes and land without excessive barriers. The City should convene a Property Rights Commission to address existing barriers to property improvements and make recommendations to the Council about repealing or modifying City policies that impede common sense property management.

Strengthen our families

In order to retain high-wage workers and attract new family-wage jobs, La Grande must become a better community for families. The City should promote the establishment of a nonprofit family education center, partnering with existing education centers like OMSI to ensure that families with children have year-round opportunities for healthy recreation. Partnerships with Eastern Oregon University should be leveraged to connect the college’s students, faculty, and staff with families in our community. La Grande should also invest in a community recreation facility to provide fitness opportunities during winter.

Increase the housing supply

La Grande had a shortage of housing, especially affordable units. The City must promote the construction of additional housing units wherever possible, for families with a variety of income ranges.

Diversify City Revenue

La Grande needs to diversify municipal revenue sources, leveraging municipal assets to meet additional funds.