Oregon Facebook Primary 11-21


The newest entrant into the race for Oregon Governor is State Representative Christine Drazan of Canby, who currently serves as the House Republican Leader. Paul Romero left the Republican Party this month and announced that he will seek the Constitution Party nomination for Governor. This edition of the Facebook Primary will begin the first regular examination of campaign finance data pulled from the Oregon Secretary State's campaign finance database, ORESTAR. "Money Primary" data will draw from publicly available spreadsheets that quantify small donations, identified in ORESTAR as "Miscellaneous Cash Contributions $100 and under."

The Money Primary: Republicans

Top Fundraisers

Republican candidates have raised a total of $159,816.72 in donations under $100 since April. (Dr. Pierce began fundraising in fall 2020, while other candidates did not begin fundraising until April.)

Dr. Bud Pierce and Mayor Stan Pulliam consistently outrank other candidates in small donations by an order of magnitude, respectively accruing $75k and $60k.

Other Contenders

Mayor Kerry McQuisten has raised the third highest amount in small donations ($8.7k), and Bridget Barton is the only other candidate to raise more than $5k in small donations ($6.7k). Lt. Col. Jim Huggins and Superintendent Marc Thielman usually rank near them in total monthly small donations.

The only candidates to not raise more than $1,000 in a month so far are John Fosdick, Biz. OR Commissioner Jessica Gomez, Nick Hess, Brandon Merritt, and Amber Richardson. House Republican Leader Christine Drazan has received just one small donation this year in the amount of $10.

The Money Primary: Democrats

The Dems You Know

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek ended October approximately $1,000 ahead of Yamhill Commissioner Casey Kulla, who began fundraising in June. Democratic candidates accrued $149,335.19 in total small donations between June-October. (June is when the first Dem. candidate started fundraising, Commissioner Kulla.)

The Dem You Don't

While drawing in large donations from big names like Melinda Gates and Angelina Jolie, New York Times columnist and voter in 2020 New York State elections Nicholas Kristof racked up nearly $125,000 in small donations, lightyears ahead of all other Democratic candidates combined.

The Facebook Primary: Republicans


While Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten is only the third most popular candidate on Facebook, she still has the fastest growing social media presence on the platform.


Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten is still the fastest growing candidate on Twitter. House Republican Leader Christine Drazan enters the race with the largest following on the platform following candidate Paul Romero's switch the the Constitution Party.

The Facebook Primary: Democrats


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is the most popular declared or potential Democratic candidate on Facebook, while Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is second. House Speaker Tina Kotek launched a new page with several thousand fewer followers than her existing page, which she will be using for official constituent communications in her role as Speaker.


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is the most popular declared or potential Democratic candidate on Twitter, while Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is second.