Oregon Facebook Primary July 2021


After one month of tracking social media performance, I can start to gain some insight into the public awareness of candidates for Oregon Governor. This time around, I included new candidates, including Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten (whom I started tracking last month) and Bridget Barton


GOP candidates jumped in the field early, getting a head start over opponents in a party that has held the Governor's office since the 1980's.

  • Bridget Barton, Lake Oswego. Barton has served on several local government commissions. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Mark Duncan, no info. No SOS paperwork filed.

  • Darrin Harbick, former McKenzie School Board Member, Blue River. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Jessica Gomez, Business Oregon Commission and OIT Board of Trustees member, Medford. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Mayor Kerry McQuisten, Baker City. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Dr. Bud Pierce, Salem. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Mayor Stan Pulliam, Sandy, SOS Paperwork Filed (Running an exploratory committee, candidacy not officially declared)

  • Paul Romero, Roseburg. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Marc Thielman, Alsea School District Superintendent and former Wallowa SD Superintendent. SOS paperwork filed.

Republicans on Facebook

Total Facebook Likes

Dr. Pierce remains the most popular Republican on Facebook, followed by Mayor Pulliam. Mayor McQuisten leapfrogged over both Commissioner Gomez and Harbick to take the number 3 spot.

Facebook Likes Net Change

Mayor McQuisten saw staggering growth on Facebook, attracting more new followers than all other Republican candidates combined.

Republicans on Twitter

Total Twitter Followers

Candidate Paul Romero of Roseburg still leads in Twitter followers. Legacy candidates who have run before follow, including Dr. Pierce, Mayor Pulliam, and Commissioner Gomez. Mayor McQuisten only created her Twitter account this week, so her following is accordingly small.

Twitter Followers Net Change

Of the five candidates with Twitter profiles, Mayor Pulliam was the only candidate with a net change of 0 Twitter followers in the past month. Mayor McQuisten has newly created her account, racking up 24 followers in 3 days, an increase great than than all 4 other GOP candidates with a presence on the platform.


Oregon Democrats have weathered scandal, single and 4-term officeholders, walkouts, and minorities to retain the Governor's office since 1987. Governor Kate Brown is term-limited and cannot run again until 2026. Prospective Democratic candidates include:

  • Multnomah County Commissioners Chair Deborah Kafoury, Portland. Prospective.

  • Speaker Tina Kotek, Portland. Prospective.

  • Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla, Dayton. SOS paperwork filed.

  • Lynn Peterson, Metro President, Portland. Prospective.

  • Treasurer Tobias Read, Beaverton. Prospective.

  • Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Portland. Prospective.

  • Mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland. Prospective.

Democrats on Facebook

Total Facebook Likes

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is running for Governor. In the past month, Rosenblum's popularity has shot up by nearly 12,000 Facebook Likes, edging out Mayor Wheeler. While Mayor Wheeler's candidacy has been rumored for some time, he too has invested heavily in Facebook, gaining nearly 9,300 new Likes but falling behind Rosenblum. All other current or potential candidates fall far short of the top two Democrats.

Facebook Likes Net Change

Explosive growth seen by Rosenblum and Wheeler has not transferred to other candidates. The first declared candidate, Commissioner Kulla, pulled in 68 new followers. President Peterson received 3 new likes and Chair Kafoury received 2. Speaker Kotek saw a net change in Likes of 0, while Treasurer Read had a net change of -1 Likes.

Democrats on Twitter

Total Twitter Followers

Mayor Wheeler remains the King of Twitter. No change has occurred in the popularity order of tracked Democratic candidates.

Twitter Followers Net Change

Commissioner Kulla is off to a running start, with the largest increase in new Facebook followers of any Democratic candidate. His increase outnumbers all other candidates combined.