About Alex

About Me

Raised in rural Tennessee and Southern California, I was excited to study at Eastern Oregon University and make rural Oregon my home in 2014! I have lived in Oregon since 2014, and I look forward to spending my life in the Beaver State. 

2016: Meeting with Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, one of my role models for public service.

Student Leadership

In high school and college, I did everything I could to serve my fellow students. I was elected Secretary of my high school student government senior year on a platform of transparency, and I followed through by regularly posting meeting minutes online for the student body to review. While attending community college, I served as the student representative to the board of trustees, and an officer of the regional community college student government association.

At EOU, I was Chair of College Republicans and student representative on the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee for 2 years. I was also a delegate to the Oregon Student Association and an adjudicator for the student government, ensuring that student body leaders appropriately followed state public meeting laws.

2017: Advocating for higher education before the Oregon legislature's joint Ways & Means Committee, Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario, OR.


I have advocated for community improvements at the local, state, and federal level throughout my adulthood. In community college, I built an advocacy program for the regional community college student association serving California's central coast. At EOU, I interned, volunteered, and worked for University Advancement, guiding students and university officials through the legislative process. 

My greatest legislative achievement is the passage of legislation affecting one of my previous employers, Blue Mountain Translator District. After becoming manager in 2017, I reviewed common community concerns with the District's revenue collection system, and publicly promised in November of that year that the District would address concerns with reform legislation. Within 18 months of meeting with Senators Bill Hansell and Cliff Bentz (now Congressman), and Representatives Greg Barreto and Lynn Findley (now Senator), I shepherded Republican-sponsored reform legislation (SB 394) to unanimous passage through a Democratic supermajority. Legislation was passed by building a coalition of cities, counties, fire districts, and community organizations who agreed that it was time for BMTD to move forward. Our government should be responsive to the needs of citizens, and I am proud of my record of working through the legislative process to improve northeast Oregon.

2015: With HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson at the 61st College Republican National Convention, Washington, DC.

Community Leadership

When I see a call to serve in my community, I answer. My voluntary community and public leadership began in high school with service in student government. From 2018-2019, I served on the La Grande School District Strategic Planning Committee. From 2019-2020, I served on two advisory committees to the Federal Communications Commission dedicated to emergency alerts and broadcast facility resiliency. From  2020-2022, I served on the Union County Budget Committee, and served on the NE Oregon Natural Hazards Steering Committee for Baker County  in 2022. I was a registered lobbyist with the State of Oregon and a member of the Oregon Capitol Club prior to working for the Oregon Legislative Assembly. I began working as the city manager of Sodaville, Oregon on March 1, 2022. In 2022, I filled a short-term vacancy on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders. I served as Treasurer of the Oregon Republican Party from March 26, 2022 - June 3, 2023. I am currently the Treasurer of Young Republicans of Oregon.