Creative Writing

A diplomat must make a fateful choice about Earth's future when unexpected visitors ring the doorbell.

In a letter from a forgotten time, a scientist debates whether to stand up for his principles while society descends into chaos.

Half-breed cobbler Ikeda Sadayo is thrust onto a battlefield where his commanders view his life as expendable. The rewards of heroism prove fleeting.

When the Nazis invade the Czech Republic, an unlikely ally comes to the rescue. But there is a darker enemy in the village, one that even a mystical clay giant cannot destroy.

A poor woman tries to stay in touch with her daughter after she is stolen away by an indifferent justice system.

Grumpy private eye Majid begrudgingly works on Christmas when his amnesiac assistant Sana begs him to take the case of a single mother whose family Christmas presents were stolen by a cyborg gangster.

Impossible غير ممكن

While guarding the streets of Shajarah during an athletic competition, patroller Rayan al-Tawami tries to rescue a woman from a stalker, only to find that she is much better protected than she appears. Excerpt from my current work in progress, Ignoble حقير.