Alex McHaddad for Mayor of La Grande


It's Time to #RenewLaGrande

Welcome! My name is Alex McHaddad, and I am running for Mayor of La Grande. This community has been my home for six years, and I am running for office because I believe our city needs to focus on increasing transparency, supporting businesses, and plowing our roads. Read about where I stand on the issues, get to know me, and most importantly, contact me to learn more about how we can renew La Grande together! Email or call 541-805-2630.

I can't fight for La Grande alone - that's why the #RenewLaGrande Platform is also supported by Denise Wheeler for Council #2, Dr. David Glabe for Council #3, and John Bozarth for Council #6.


Between July 2018-September 2020, the City did not post Council and Commission meeting materials online prior to public meetings, preventing citizens from making informed comments and depriving city leadership of informed public feedback. All City bodies should post available meeting materials online one week prior to public meetings so that the public may make informed comments. Other City bodies besides the City Council should be broadcast and streamed online, a service that can be funded by noncommercial station sponsorship and franchise fees. In October 2020, the City resumed posting meeting materials online, and if I am elected I will fight to ensure this lapse in transparency never occurs again.


La Grande and other rural communities have struggled since the collapse of the timber industry. Our community can provide a premiere living destination for the next generation of 21st Century tech jobs, including programming, web development, network management, and other remote jobs enabled by the Internet. The City needs to promote expanded access to broadband, and improve quality of life with improved winter weather management, infrastructure, and family support. The Hub of Northeast Oregon needs to support commerce with a business advisory commission that reviews unnecessary red tape and makes recommendations to the Council on improved business conditions.

Plow the roads

The City's current snow removal policy is to only begin plowing the roads when 6 inches have already fallen. This includes the entire City, even arterial routes necessary for public safety. The Snow Removal Policy should be updated to plow the roads when 4 inches have fallen, and arterial and public safety routes when 2 inches have fallen, with increased plowing over time as funding becomes available.