September 2019, US Presidency

Messing With Joe

As candidates march through the debates, popularity trends observed on social media have one big conclusion: Vice President Joe Biden is not popular online. His average monthly net change in Facebook followers is -15,000, he has lost a net 63,000 Facebook likes since May - including a whopping 83,00 Likes since August. Rep. John Delaney is the only other candidate to experience a negative net change in followers on either platform since May.

Facebook Likes Buttigieg

Mayor Peter Buttigieg has had the highest average monthly growth in Facebook likes since May, while Senator Elizabeth Warren holds this rank on Twitter. While Mayor Buttigieg had the greatest net increase in Facebook likes since May, this past month he had a smaller net increase in likes than Mr. Andrew Yang.

Twitter Follows Warren

By average growth on Twitter, Mayor Buttigieg is 4th among Democrats behind Senator Warren, Mr. Yang, and Senator Kamala Harris. Greatest net Twitter growth among Democrats also has Mayor Buttigieg at 4th place behind the same lineup of Senator Warren, Mr. Yang, and Senator Harris.

Scramble for Fame

Democrats enter this month with fewer competitors for the nomination, as 4 candidates exited the race: Governors John Hickenlooper and Jay Inslee, Senator Gillibrand, and Rep. Seth Moulton. In September, only 10 candidates are eligible to participate in Democratic primary debates, after a pair of 2-night debates each divided between 20 candidates.

Life Imitates the Internet

Poor performance in polls and low donation numbers for top Democrats appears to be mirrored online. (Picture: Debate participants by popularity rank on Facebook and Twitter.)

The Primary Candidate

President Donald Trump remains the king of social media, with over 6 million more Facebook likes than all other candidates combined (24.3 million). Changes in the candidate lineup have put President Trump close to having more than double the combined Twitter followers of other candidates, 64 million to a combined 32,200,000. Two additional Republicans have entered the race alongside President Trump and Governor Bill Weld, Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois and Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, also a former Governor of the state.